12 MAY 2019
Mating between North Side Agny and Elielunds Delicious Dean.  We hope there vill be puppys in July. See more under the link "For sale" on our webside.

7 OCTOBER 2018
Show in njurunda with the results for Molly ÖKL: E and ÖKK: 2 CK BTKL 3. Lilly JNKL: E JUNKK: 1 CK.Agnes JNKL: E JUNKK: 2  Judge was Siv Jernhake.

6 OCTOBER 2018
Show in njurunda with results for Molly ÖKL: E och ÖKK: 4. Lilly JNKL: E JUNKK: 1 CK and BTKL 3.  Judge was Pia Lundberg.

Agnes had her x ray with the resultst HD B and AD 0.

Lilly and Agnes did get UA on there eye results.

10 AUGUST 2018
Lilly get HD B and AD 0 on her x ray.

26 MAY 2018
Dog Show in Piteå for Molly who gets ÖKL: E and ÖKK: 4. Lilly and Agnes gets VG at 9 month old and there first competition.  Judges was Karin Ögren.

31 JULY 2017
Molly get birth to 6 wonderful puppys. Read more under her pages.  Two of the puppys stays in the kennel.

4 MARS 2017
Molly competes in a obedience in strömsund and did not get approved.  It was hard for her to get focus in the riding hall.

27 OCTOBER 2017
Molly did the BHP test,  in Timtå riding hall.

16 OCTOBER 2016
Show for Molly who gets UKL: E och UKK: 4 as results for the day.  Judges was Kevin Brown.

15 OCTOBER 2016
Show in Sundsvall and Molly gets her first CERT.  Judge was Birgitta Hasselgren.

2 OCTOBER 2016
Molly competed in obedience in njurunda and did not get approved.  We need train with signes before next competition.

6 AUGUST 2016
The days result for Molly was JUNKL: E och JUNKK: 3 in Svenstavik.  Judges Gorjao-Henriques Lui.

10 APRIL 2016
The days result for Molly was JUNKL: E och JUNKK: 2 in Sundsvall.  Jugdes was Karin Ögren.

5 APRIL 2016
Molly gets the result of patella AU.

11 MARS 2016
Mollys resultats of the x ray was HD B/C & AD 0.

Molly gets UA on her eye test.

24 OCTOBER 2015
Mollys first show and she was BOB.  Judges was Monica Mattfolk

8 MAY 2015
We get a new member of our family.  Molly come to us!


5 MAJ 2012
Boss completed exterior examination in Timrå with approved results!

24 MARS 2012
Exhibition in Strömsund for Boss, excellent, ökk1, CK, Bhkl 2.

6 AUGUST 2011
Pictures of Rex is now on the male side.

23 JULY 2011
Exhibition in Köping for both Rex and Boss.
Rex in the intermediate class, Verry Good, a very good debut for both Emma and Rex.
Boss got Excellent in open class.

5 JUNE 2011
We were in a subordinate weekend with Roxy in Kramfors, reached almost qualified for the elite, 252p at best.


8 MAY 2011
Exhibition in Timrå for Roxy, b/j kl Good.

26 JANUARY 2011
Boss is approved for breeding according to the FCI and the Swedish Kennel Club!
 He is also X-rayed with the result HD- ED+.


19 OKTOBER 2010
New pictures posted on both Boss, Roxy and Amilla!


17 OKTOBER 2010
Boss has today conducted the swedish mental test with 1 st in shot.


10 OKTOBER 2010
Exhibition in Timrå for Boss,  1kk 1kl CK Bhkl 2

2 OKTOBER 2010
Today Roxy was promoted to the higher class of track!


16 JUNE 2010
Little Eddy comes to Earth!


2 MAY 2010
New pictures posted on both Boss and Roxy!


18 APRIL 2010
Exhibition in Sollefteå for Boss,  1kk 1kl HP


15 APRIL 2010
New pictures posted on Boss.


27 MARS 2010
Today we were on exhibition in Strömsund.
Boss received super-nice criticism, 1 HP CK Best male BIM :)  


Today we were on exhibition in Ö-vik.
Roxy got 1 and HP, and then came in second place. Boss got 1 HP och BOB since he became a reserv. 
A successful day!


23 OCTOBER 2009


30 AUGUST 2009
Today Roxy made her first contest in track, it went really good, she moved up to a higher level and won a trophy


27 JULY 2009
We are very excited about our imported male puppy, see more under Boss


4 JULY 2009
Now it´s not long until our little puppy arrives


1 JULY 2009
We are now proud owners of the shop Jurassic Zoo in Kramfors, all are welcome to visit us!!


8 JUNE 2009
Flinga have been on show in Hammarstrand and got good results and rosettes.
1st prize HP och BOB    


29 MAY 2009


9 MAY 2009
We did those with good performance and class-profit, master and mistress rejoices


3 MAY 2009
Amilla "Flinga" has been on a show today and got a 1st and very nice critique.
Congratulations and huge pleasure to meet you


22 APRIL 2009
One 1st prize and first place in class 2. 174 points we collected.
We like to compete in Ånge   


18 APRIL 2009
A sunny day in Örnsköldsvik with show and obedience.
Ew shot clean and went home with a 2nd prize.


11 MARCH 2009
We got a 1st prize and a 2nd placement in second round
Although we shot clean in retrieving.
We got great scores on the rest. Report was downright disgusting thought Roxy
aster and mistress are very happy!